Creatine Essential

Creatine Essential

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Creatine Essential increases muscle availability as it increases the endurance of the cells in which energy is stored. This increases the level of muscular energy, promoting enhanced physical performance.

Creatine Essential creates an improved environment for muscle growth as it elevates levels of protein synthesis.

Our Creatine Essential is 100% Micronised, HPLC tested and analysed for purity. Furthermore, it is Dicyandiamide free (DCD)

Creatine Essential will Support:
• Increase Muscle Cell Volume
• Increase Explosive Power
• Increase Endurance
• Allow more Rapid Recovery

Serving size: 1 Teaspoon (5g)

Servings per container: 100

Suggested use: Mix 150ml of water with 1 teaspoon (5g) of Creatine Essential.

Recommended use: To begin with, consume 20g per day for 5 days (at 4 x 5g throughout day) or 25g per day for 4 days (at 5 x 5g throughout day). After 4/5 days, consume 5g per day (one slightly heaped teaspoon approximately). Take for around 7-10 weeks with two to three weeks off, before reloading and maintaining.