Our Story

The Managing Director


The journey starts from a young boy in his teenage years; overweight, obese & an outcast.

He ponders on how he can become an individual accepted by society, friends & family.


Oblivious to the lesson he would learn! This journey convinced him that society is just another system, controlling the way people think and feel about an individual.


“You will always be an outcast. Everyone has their own journey, their own story”.


Along with personal development he gained valuable insight into the “Essentials” required within the gym environment.

These “Essentials” are now available to you.

MGE was founded in Oct, 2016.


The Team


The MGE team is dedicated to provide you with the best customer service. We are a team of individuals with different backgrounds and we call this the MGE Family. You can Contact us using the Contact form. We are always happy to help. We want to provide you with the mental and physical boost needed for your GAINZ!

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MGE Products & Services

Whatever your GOALS are, if they are to lose weight, gain weight, become stronger or just to attract the opposite sex, we have put together the “ESSENTIALS” that are needed to accomplish them. Our products are tested in the gym environment before release. We value your satisfaction when using our products. Our prices do not compromise the products quality. We aim to provide an affordable quality experience.